A funny but technology scary story in Hungary


A really funny but technology scary story 😁

My husband and I rented this car (same car I drive at home in St Louis) in Budapest for our European Chess Driving trip.

We were told by the car rental company which countries we are allowed to drive this car to and which we could not. Of course we complied.

So yesterday we drove to Szeged (hometown of Leko) then to the border of Romania. This is one of the countries we are not allowed to drive to. So we stopped at a parking lot about 100 meters from the border.

We planned to walk across for a tour, and after the tour, walk back to the Hungarian side to our car.

Everything worked as planned except after we got back to our car, we could not start it. We tried everything and nothing happened. So I called the car rental company to ask for help.

As it turned out, they knew EXACTLY where I was. They remotely disabled our car via satellite so there would be no possibility of us taking the car across the border.

In addition, the representative on the phone told me that by the way, just in case, the border police were notified so even if they could not disable our car, the police would stop us anyway.

But since we did not cross the border, they called off the police notification and enabled our car again, and wished us a good day 🤣

​So the car company can tell EXACTLY everything we do with the car, where we go, how fast we drive, etc. Welcome to the 21st century 🚘😂


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