I do NOT believe in boycott unless it is the absolute last option

When FIDE did not allow me to compete in the Men's World Championship cycle after becoming the 1st woman in history to qualify, or when they gave every woman 100 free points to punish me for choosing to compete only against men, or when they illegally stripped my World Championship title, etc., I let my chess moves and results spoke for me.

When one boycotts, their voices may be heard for as long as it is convenient for the media’s narratives. But when the brave ones choose to go the Lion's den and win, their voices will be heard till eternity.

The great Jesse Owens also did not boycott when so many tried to put pressure on him to do so. He went to Berlin in 1936 and let his results do the talking. He humiliated Hitler at his own Olympic games by winning, winning, winning, and winning. I believe that winning is the best revenge!


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