A chess historian just gave me some information about the year of 1986-1987 which I did not pay attention to until tonight. I looked up the old rating lists back then to confirm it.

  1. In July 1986, I was the #2 17 year old in the world behind Ivanchuk.

  2. In January 1987 (rating lists only came out twice a year back then), I was again the #2 17 year old in the world, but this time only 5 rating points behind Anand, and 20 points ahead of Ivanchuk.

  3. I was the youngest #1 woman player in the world at age 15 years, 73 days in 1984. My sister Judit broke that record in 1989 at 12 years, 162 days.

So as of right now, Judit remains the youngest #1 woman player, I am #2, Chiburdanidze is #3 at 18 years, 349 days, Cramling is #4 at 19 years, 253 days, and Hou Yifan #5 at 21 years, 2 days.


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