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Question: One of the questions I am frequently asked is what does the coaching staff at SPICE do differently than all other schools to prepare for the annual PanAm InterCollegiate Chess Championships (6 straight titles), College Chess Final Four (7 straight titles), or to maintain the #1 ranking (7 straight years)?

Answer: It is actually a very complicated and high tech process. First of all, the preparation for the Final Four begins on December 30th of each year the second we know that we qualify for the Final Four. For the PanAm, it begins the first day of school in late August. So we always spend 3-4 months to prepare.

In addition to the typical chess preparation by working on openings, middlegame, and endgame like everyone else, we spend hundreds of additional hours (at a minimum) to dissect many different components. Here are just some of them:

  • Chess Analytics
  • Psychology
  • Mental evaluation
  • Math / Statistics / Probability
  • Human Behavior
  • Personal Patterns
  • Body Language
  • Eye Movement
  • Matchups

...and much more. Of course, I am not going into details about our trade secrets, but this is the same process we have used for many years.

Is it 100% full proof? No. But this will give us the maximum chances to win, and that is all we can ask for, to give ourselves the best chance.

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Eye movements? Body Language? Math/Stats/Probability? Almost sounds like poker and preparing for the World Series of Poker tournament.


wonderful excellent secreats of chess

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