Do you know what your kids are learning?

Chess is booming, especially in scholastic chess. When there is money, "coaches" are popping up faster than popcorn in the movie theaters. But are they really teaching your kids the right way?

Chess can help young people in so many ways. Some of the most commonly known benefits are:

  • Improve logical thinking skill
  • Improve critical thinking skill
  • Improve decision making skill
  • Improve problem solving skill
  • Improve strategic thinking skill
  • Improve cognitive abilities, etc.

However, I am aghast to see that so many kids are taught absolutely the wrong way. How can I tell? I am a professional and I can spot the problems immediately when I watch them play.

When kids just randomly move pieces, there will be little benefits, if any. And since the majority of parents do not know much about chess, they cannot tell if their kids are really learning, or if they are being taught the right way.

I will publish a video about this very important issue tomorrow. Stay tuned!