I said NO and walked away!


More than 15 years ago, I was in Hollywood having several meetings with key people from various studios regarding a major motion picture about my life. They were all very interested. However, I have too much respect for myself to go along with the propositions I received if I wanted to go forward with the project. I had no choice but to walk away. No amount of money would be worth it. They did not view me as a person who could inspire countless young girls. They viewed me differently.

Unfortunately, it is no different in chess. Many female players are looked at as an "object" or a "conquest". When I spoke out against a sexual predator and a pedophile, not only nothing was done, I was severely punished for it. It is normal for chess officials to go out of their ways to protect the accusers instead of the victims. Many women simply kept quiet out of fear of retaliation or being blacklisted.

So when I hear accusations about Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, or Al Franken, I am sorry to say that I am not surprised. This is the sad reality we have to deal with. I am just glad that more and more women are speaking out. Therefore, when people say women have the same opportunity to succeed as men in male dominated fields, they are wrong. Women have to work much harder and overcome much more.


Ask Susan