My 1st ever Chess Composition at age 4


Study of the Month: November, 2017
by Siegfried Hornecker

...Susan Polgar (then known as Zsuzsa Polgár or Polgár Zsuzsanna), who composed this at only four years old (youngest ever to do it)! As the solution is easy to find, we leave it as a test for the readers.

Study by Susan Polgar, 1973

White to move

Many years ago, I inquired about the story to the supposed composer. In an e-mail, dated 27 December 2006, Susan Polgar confirmed:

Unfortunately I do not remember where it was published first, but I know that I composed it in 1973. Yes, I am also a chess composer, although I primarily consider myself a chess promoter, player, teacher, writer, etc.

Proving that she indeed could also compose nice studies, here is an example of her work.

Study by Susan Polgar & Pal Benko

White to move

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10 seconds.

  1. Kd1!! Kf1 (forced), 2. Qe1#!

Took me one quarter of a second, but I bet there's someone out there who solved it faster. Mate in 2.

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