The greatest lessons of my life!


The greatest lessons of my life!

Many asked what are the secrets to my success, from a playing, authoring, mentoring, organizing and coaching, etc?

The answer is quite simple!

Passion and diligence!

When I was a young girl, I accidentally discovered chess while searching for a new toy. And after my Father taught me the game, I immediately fell in love with it, and this passion still lives on, 45+ years later!

The other valuable lesson I learned is how important diligence is. While other girls and boys were busy having fun, I studied chess. I worked and worked and worked even harder.

After completing the only Sextuple Crowns in chess history (Women’s World Blitz, Rapid & Classical Championships, World #1 Ranking, Individual & Team Olympiad Gold), authoring more than a dozen best-selling chess books, in addition to many best-selling chess video series, coaching the most successful division I collegiate chess team in history, and organizing 760+ rated chess tournaments, I still work hard.

I work hard every single day, 7 days a week, all year long, not some days, most days or when I feel like it. It is every day, from very early morning to late late night!

It was never ever about money for me. It has always been about setting goals, having a purpose in life, and living it to the fullest.

I cannot forget that over 300 members of my family were slaughtered in the Holocaust. So how can I squander any opportunity I have? All the hard work and sacrifices I have made in my life is pale to what they went through.

So everything I do, I do it with a passion and purpose. Failure is not an option! Not giving my all is not an option!

So the greatest gift you can give your children is to help them discover their passions and purpose in life, and teach them about the value of diligence early on in their lives.

The photos are of my late Grandmother, the last survivor of the Holocaust in my family, my Mother and my youngest son who will soon be 18. That is 4 generations in the photos. In one of the photos, my Mother was proudly showing to my late Grandmother the brochure of SPICE (Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence) when I just created this institute in 2007. They were both very proud ❤️


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