Anti-Sicilian Repertoire - 2...e6 and Sidelines by GM Neiksans


We have the pleasure to inform you that GM Arturs Neiksans has just released his third and final Anti-Sicilian Database - Anti-Sicilian Repertoire - 2...e6 and Sidelines.

Since you have purchased Parts 1 and 2, we provide you with free access to Part 3. This is our way to thank you for being part of our community.

In the last part of his Anti-Sicilian repertoire, GM Neiksans deals with 2...e6 and all the sidelines that Black can choose. True to his approach, the author goes for fresh ideas which rely on solid positional basis. Besides the important novelties, GM Neiksans provides excellent explanations of the typical middlegame ideas. After reading this database, you can pose practical problems to your opponents of any level. 

In the introduction, GM Neiksans states: "Welcome to the third part of my Anti-Sicilian database which will mostly cover what to play against the ever-sharp 2...e6 Sicilian and other important sidelines. In the majority of the chapters, I will be advocating the fianchetto of the white bishop to g2, combined with a thrust in the centre d2-d4. I can't always promise an advantage in the end but still, I found the variations to be fresh and in most cases - very entertaining. I hope you will enjoy reading this database as much as I did writing it!"

The database includes 9 theoretical chapters and 18 interactive test positions.