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First I thought of Ra8+ but 1.Ra6 is quite better


I saw the first move instantly.It's a very interesting puzzle too.

1.Ra6! Kf7
2.Nd8+ Kg7
3.Rxh6 Kxh6
4.Nf7+ Kh5
5.Ne5 Kg5
6.Kd1 Kf4
7.Nd3+ Kf3
8.Ke1 Ke4
9.Nb4 Kd4
10.Kf2 Kc4
11.Nc2 Kxd5
12.Kf3 Ke5
13.Kg4 Ke4
14.Ne1 Ke5
15.Kxh4 Kf4
16.Kh3 Kf5
17.Kg3 Ke4
18.Kf2 Kf4
19.Ke2 Ke4
20.d3+ Kf4
21.Kd2 e6
22.Nc2 Ke5
23.Ke3 Kd5
24.d4 Kd6
25.Ke4 Kd7
26.Ke5 Ke7
27.Nb4 Kd7
28.Nd3 Ke7
29.Nf4 Kd7
30.Nxe6 Kc6
31.d5+ Kb6
32.d6 Kc6
33.Nd4+ Kd7
34.Kd5 Kd8
35.Kc6 Ke8
36.Kc7 Kf7
37.d7 Kf6
It's a winning position for white.


It looks like the only chance is 1. Ra6 forcing the win of the Q for a R. 1Kf7 2. Nd8+ Kg7 3 R:h6 K:h6 4. Nf7+ and the N can beat the h-pawn to h1, e g 4...Kh5 5. Ne5 h3 6. Nd3 h2 7. Nf2 Kh4 8. Kd1 Kg3 9. Ke1. Lot of other variations are possible, but the h-pawn can't be promoted without decoying the black K to h1 to allow the white K to get to the e-pawn and free the d5 pawn to promote.