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It is black to move!

  1. Evaluate the position. Is Black better, worse or is it equal?

  2. What is the game plan for black?

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I tried to find a way to win the knight- black is down a piece for two pawns in the starting position, but nothing seems to work- the main problem being that black rook is tied down to defending the 8th rank until black makes a hole for the king. The main line I found in this idea is just 1.....Qg5+ followed by 2.....Qb5+ forcing the exchange of the queens and fixing the black pawn structure, but the knight can't be won that I can see.

So, started looking at other moves. Black can't take the g2 pawn at move 1 since 2.Qe7 leaves black with no defense- for example:

1......Qxg2?? 2.Qe7 Rf8 3.Qxf8+!! Kxf8 4.Bb4+ wins, so black must guard the e7 square, and I only see


This attacks the bishop and prevents 2.Qe7. Now, white can just force what is a likely draw with....

2.Qe7 Qxe7 3.Rxe7 Rxa8 4.Rc7 and black will be up a pawn, but it is a doubled pawn, and white would have some counterplay with the passed c-pawn.

I vote for drawn after 1.....Qc5- I don't really see anything better for white than 2.Qe7 forcing the queens off the board. If white tries 2.Bb4, then black just plays 2....Qd4 threatening 3.....Qa1#, and from d4, the black queen protects the rook which takes the venom out of Qe7 by white.