Daily Chess Improvement: Attacking Chess Precision!

Susan Polgar

This is around 10 moves long so please DO NOT post one/two move answer

White to move! How should white proceed?

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No. 1-2

1.Nxf7 with the idea Qh7 mat Nxf7 2.Bh5 Kxh5 3.Rxh7 and maybe the mat is coming


OK I'll take a stab at it.
It looks like 1. Qe4+ is the best start, attacking the h7 pawn. Black has to take the N, anything else gets mated quickly by 2. Q:h7+. So
1...K:g5 2. Q:h7
White is threatening 3. Qh5# and also 2. h4#. So the Black B has to go somewhere to create a flight square. But 3. Q:g8+ is also a big threat, so it looks prudent for Black to play
Now White cedes a critical tempo by capturing the R on g8, as Black can consolidate with ...Kf6. And 3. Qh5+ Kf6 4. Qh4+ is equivalent to 3, Qh4+, so let's just do that.
3. Qh4+ Kf5
If Black instead plays 3...Kg6, 4. Bh5+ again transposes, so let's continue with 3...Kf5.
4. Bg4+ Kg6 (4...Ke5 5. f4#)
5. Bh5+ Now if 5...Kf5 hoping for a repetition, 6. g4+ ends that sorry dream; 6...Kf4 7. g5+ Kf5 8. Qg4+ Ke5 9. Qe4#. So
5...Kh7 but now the mate is easy. 6. B:f7+ Bh6 7. Qe4+ Kh8 8. B:f8 and Black has only a spite check standing between him and Q:h7 with mate to follow.