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It took me a while, but I found the right move, but only after I put in a chess board and could move the pieces around.


A simple skewer between the now pinned knight and the black queen. Black can't take the rook:

1............fe6 2.de6 Qe7 3.Rd8 Rd8 4.Bf6 Qf6 5.e7+ with a decisive edge; black does no better with....

1............Be6 2.de6 Qe5 3.e7 forking the rooks and winning a piece. Also, no better is....

1...........Rde8 2.Rd6 Re1 3.xe1 Bd6 4.Bf6 also winning a piece.

Finally, black can try to confuse white, but this also doesn't work

1........ Bd2 2.Rd6 Be1 3.Rd8 Bh4 4.Rf8 Kf8 5.d6 wins the exchange and the game.


I think 1. Ne4 wins material; 1....B:h2+ 2. Kh1 N:e4 3. R:e4 clears e7 for the Bh4 and when the dust settles white will have an exchange for a pawn. It's pretty complicated, though, since White's B's can kick the Re4 all up and down the e-file.

But the apparently sufficient 3...Rd7 fails to 4. g3 g5 5. B:g5 B:g3 6. Rg4 with the threat of 7. Bf6# allowing white to snag the dark squared B for a couple of pawns.