Daily Chess Improvement: Deep Calculation Required!

This was an actual game between Daggupati and Nyzhnyk tonight at the SPICE Cup

Black to move. Is this a win, draw or loss for black?

NO Computer Analysis Please!

No. 1-3

I analyzed the White Knight’s move - 8. Nf6+!!

a) 8...Qxf6, 9. Qxc1 - it’s a draw

b) 8...Kf7, 9. Qd7+ Kxf6, 10. Qd6+ Kf7, 11. Qd7+ Kg6!?, 12. Qd3+!! Kh6, 13. Qh3+! Kg6, 14. Qd3+ Kf7, 15. Qd7+ Kg8, 16. Qe8+ Kh7, 17. Qh5+ (draw by threefold repetition)

c) 8...gxf6, 9. Qd8+ Kf7, 10. Qd7+ Kg6, 11. Qe8+ Kg7, 12. Qe7+ Kh6, 13. Qf8+ Kg6, 14. Qg8+ (draw by threefold repetition)



Not so sure about the win, Dave. After 8.Nf6+, can black avoid the perpetual check? Right now I don't see how. If black takes the knight with the g-pawn, then Qd8+ is a definite draw- neither black queen has a path to block a check. Indeed, as I look at your line, white <i>must play</i> 6.g4 since 6.g3 or any other pawn move at that point allows the black king to escape. I have to look back at your line in detail, though- I haven't confirmed it is the best for black.


1...Rxe8!!, 2. Qxd6+ Kg8, 3. b8=Q c2!!!, 4. Qxe8+ Qxe8, 5. Qd2 Qe5!, 6. g4 Qa1+, 7. Kg2 c1=Q and Black is winning