Daily Chess Improvement: Double Trouble Chess Endgame Improvement!


This is from the GM Sethuraman - GM Bruzon game from the St Louis Fall Chess Classic!

It is black to move in both positions. Can black win this?

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Black to move and win (first puzzle)

1...Nd6!!, 2. f6 Kb2, 3. Kxc7 Ne8+!, 4. Kc6 Nxf6, 5. Nd2 Kc3!, 6. Nb1+ Kb4!, 7. Kd6 Ne4+!, 8. Ke6 Nc3!, 9. Nd2 a3 and Black wins

1...Nd6!!!, 2. f6 Kb2, 3. Nd2 a3!, 4. f7 Nxf7, 5. Nc4+ Kb3, 6. Nxa3 Kxa3, 7. Kxc7 h5!, 8. h4 Ne5, 9. Kd6 Nf3, 10. Ke6 Nxh4, 11. Kf6 Ng6!, 12. Kg5 h4!, 13. Kg4 Kb3 - Black King is ready to march to f6 and Black wins!!

Lazaro Bruzon Batista made a mistake with Nf6+?. He missed a winning move 1...Nd6!!!