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Not really sure about this one. I had the idea right at the start- exchange at b5 but I wanted to push the c-pawn, but that ran into a bit of a problem....

1.Qb5! ab5 2.c6? bc6 3.dc6 Bc7! and black should be able to hold this since white can't play 4.Bf4 since black has the easy reply of e5. Of course, at this point, I realized my first mistake was the second move- Bf4 has to come before black has retreated to c7 with the bishop, so

1.Qb5! ab5 2.Bf4!

However, I now see that even now c6 can't be played if black just exchanges at f4 rather than trying to keep the bishop for a move or two longer:

2........Bf4!? 3.gf4 Kf8! and now white loses with 4.c6?? bc6 5.dc6 Ke8! and I think this is lost for white now. So, I think white has to get the king into the action at move 4 with Ke1. However, this needs a lot more analysis because black has some potential counterplay on the kingside that I need to work through.