Daily Chess Improvement: Endgame Improvement!

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White to move. What is the best continuation for White?

8/8/R4p2/5k2/2n4P/2p2K2/P7/8 w - - 0 51

No. 1-17

Alena, Told you, very difficult problem. Here is the comments section from its previous posting on Ms.Polgar's site: <a href="http://web.chessdailynews.com/very-difficult-endgame-challenge/#comments">Link</a>. I wrote 8 comments, 7 of which were analysis trying to solve it. Like I wrote above, I found the first move pretty quickly since I had a pretty good background in such rook endings already, but there were parts of the solution that were difficult to find and understand. The line you give is the one I considered to be the most resistant. If you have access to the Lomonosov Tablebase, it would probably be worthwhile to study all the variations. Unlike the Nalimov, however, the Lomonosov must be purchased still.


Here is the solution for the second puzzle.
I had to look through my encyclopedia of rook ending to understand how to solve this endings with rooks on h-file.

  1. Rh7! Rxh3
  2. Kxd6 Kh2
  3. Ke5 Re3+
  4. Kf4 Rh3
  5. Rh8 Kg2
  6. Kg4 Kh2
  7. Kf5 Kg1
  8. Kg6 Rg3+
  9. Kh7 Kf2
  10. Rg8 Rc3
  11. Kh8 Kf1
  12. Rf8+ Ke2
  13. h7 Rg3
  14. Rg8 Rh3
  15. Re8+ Kd3
  16. Kg7 Kd4
  17. h8=Q Rxh8
  18. Rxh8

Also the flexibility you can have knowing these endings...you can see them in the middle game and go for them and your opponent might be awed at the beautiful work!


You know though Yancey, this is really good practicing blind chess. And the hard endings after gruelling hard over them when you are shown the answer you remember it so much better.


Surpriselover, it is a tough, tough puzzle. The first time I encountered it, I found the first move pretty quickly, even if I didn't really understand all the details. Even then, I struggled to find both the best lines for black and white afterwards. Of course, you can now buy the Lomonosov Tablebases, and it will no doubt give you the full details on this 7-man problem right from the starting move.