Daily Chess Improvement: Endgame Tactic!

This game took place at 2018 Tata Steel

White to move. What is the best continuation for white?

No. 1-2


Yes, I remember this. I forget what Carlsen played, but he didn't find Be7+ and the move he made showed up as a red move at Chessbomb. It didn't matter, though, he eventually got the rook behind the pawn and the pawn to c6 before Matlakov resigned. I think the final position, it was clear that eventually black would have to give up the bishop minimum to stop the c-pawn while white still retained the h2 pawn.


1.Be7+ Kh3
2.Rg3+ Kxh2
3.Bd6 Be4
4.Rg6+ Rxd6
5.cxd6 Bxg6
6.d7 Bf5
It's a win for white.

While I was solving this puzzle I made a mistake on the fifth move and got a draw. Then I guessed where I made a mistake. It was 5.Rxd6. The only winning move is cxd6.