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  1. Bc4 with the dire threat 2. R:f7 R:f7 3. Qe8+ Qf8 3. B:f7+ and black can't take the B - the Q is pinned and the K can't take a protected piece. So 3...Kh8 4. Q:f8#.

Creating luft seems best - 1...h5 (1...h6 2. R:f7 R:f7 3. Qe8+ Kh7 4. Bd3+ g6 5. Q:f7+ and mate soon) and now white can shift gears with 2. Qc7 again with a mating attack, this time along the 7th rank, and starting with 3. B:f7+ - the threats against g7 will be overwhelming.

Black can also opt to tamely give up the B, but it's not so tame. 1...Qb4 preparing to push the pawn, 2. R:f7 runs into the same mate. Or 1...Kh8 2. B:f7 Qb4 again preparing to push the pawn but simply 3. B:b3 and the mate threat on g7 prevents capturing the B and, in fact, after 3... Qb8 pinning the white Q, 4. Rc7 forces black to give up the Q for the R to stop mate.