Daily Chess Improvement: Fischer Tactic!


This was a game between Fischer, Robert - Petrosian, Tigran from the USSR vs the World Match

White to move! How should white proceed? Full answer please!

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Famous game, where Fischer masterfully used the activity of his pieces and exploited the lack of coordination of Petrosian's.

  1. c4! dxc4 (Qxc4 doesn't work because the Q needs to guard d6. Can't afford cxd4 as the N can't move, and the Q will be pinned to the K if it takes back)
  2. Bf5! (Fischer! BK is now immobile, and d7 is now weaker) Rff7
  3. Rd1+ (of course) Rfd7
  4. Bxd7 Rxd7
  5. Qb8+ Ke7 (Qc8 would've been better, but would still lose)
  6. Rde1+ 1-0 (If Kf7, Qe8# since the N is pinned. This forces the loss of the BQ)

I remember looking at this game around a few years ago but forgot the continuation. This is a hard one. Black seems totally fine here but white has accumulated small advantages...how to make this work...