Daily Chess Improvement: Knockout Chess Tactic!


This is an actual game between Hakobyan, Aram - Mikhalevski, Victor in the first round. White to move! How should white proceed?

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1.Ne5+ fxe5 or win the Rook 2.Bxe6+ capture by King will lose the Queen by counter attcaking Qxg6+ then RxQ, and Ke7 leads to same result after Bg5+ 2...Kg7 3.Bxe5+ capture a pawn and saving the Bishop with maintaining the tempo. from here there is two paths. 3...Kh7 4.Bxd7 Qxd7 5.Qc7 to force exchange and win eventual pinned piece. second path 3...Kh6 4.Qd1 Qd8 5Qg4 Be7 6.Bxd5 white in winning position and materials. There are a lot of other options but not favouring the Black,