Daily Chess Improvement: Losing or winning tactic?


Many people said that Firouzja's final position against Carlsen earlier today at Tata Steel was so hopeless. The position above was from the Caruana, Fabiano - Anand, Viswanathan one round earlier where Anand had a much bigger advantage against Caruana and lost.

It is black to move. How should black proceed?

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Black can't afford to move either of the K or R, else diversion tricks come into play. Logically, he has to get his Knight into the fray.

  1. ... Nb3 2. Bxf5 (threatening that Ne6 fork .. ) Rd5! (When the facts change, the rules change) 3. Ne6+ (nothing better) Kxf7 4. Bg4 and now black looks more in control.

Anand played 1. ... Kf6 and walked into 2. Be7! , but was still ok after 2. ... Ne4+ 3. Nxe4 and should've played 3. ... Kxf7, imho