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Took me a bit to really realize the key line in this position. Of course, the fork from f7 is obvious, but you have to see the real tactic should black play 1.....Kc7 trying to protect the bishop on h8- the bringing of a rook to c1 attacking the other black bishop and threatening a discovered check afterwards- so black can't capture the knight on h8 because the rook would be on dark square:

1.Nf7+ Kc7 2.Nxh8 Rh8 3.Rdc1! and black must either lose the other bishop, or allow white the discovered check picking up the rook at h8. Black can try 1...Ke8 instead, but I don't see how black can recover the piece:

1.Nf7+ Ke8 2.Nxh8 Bd3 3.Rbc1 Rd5 4.Ba3 and the black king can't both keep guard on the f7 square and clear the 8th rank to allow the capture of the knight, but this is better than 1....Kc7- white still has to work to get the knight back in play.