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This is important to master. Worked this out over the board and finally understood the right way to take the opposition. Starting with 1.Kd3 Ke6. Black does not have time to attack the g3 pawn. 2.Kc4( 2.Kd4? Kd6 and it is drawn even though white has the extra pawn! ) Kd6. Here I looked at 3.Kb5 but then ...Kd5 draws so lets take the opposition with 3.Kd4 holding white's ground and putting black in zugzwang.
3...Ke6, 4.Kc5 Ke7, 5.Kd5 Kf6, 6.Kd6 Kg7, 7.Ke6 Kg6 8.Ke5 Kf7, 9.Kxf5 Kg7, 10.Ke6 Kf8, 11.Kf6 Kg8, 12.Ke7 Kg7, 13.g4 Kg6, 14.Ke6 Kg7, 15.f5 and the pawns are unstoppable.