Daily Chess Improvement: Must Know Endgame!

This is one of those must know endgame pattern

White to move! Is this a win or draw? How should white proceed? No computer lines please!

No. 1-2
  1. e5+ Kc6 (only move)
  2. Ke4! Kc5
  3. Kf3!! Kc4
  4. Kg4! Kd5
  5. Kf4! Kc5
  6. Kg5 Kc6
  7. Kf6 Kd5
  8. e4+ and White wins!


Take the opposition with 1.e5+. If black retreats to the seventh rank, white plays 2.Kc5. The lines diverge a bit depending on whether or not the black king is on c7, d7, or e7, but all white needs to do is to avoid allowing black to take an effective oppisition himself. Eventually white drives the black king away from the pawn on e6.

The major branch comes at black's first move- the king can play to c6, but then white takes a different path with his king through the now open e4 square to come at the pawn from the other side.