Daily Chess Improvement: Quickie Chess Tactic!

Thus is based on the game by GM Nyzhnyk earlier

White to move! How should white proceed?

No. 1-1


Interesting choice here. Of course, 1.Rd8 is obvious as the start, but seem to be two ways to win a piece after that- white can reduce to a R+N vs R ending with pawns on the board, or a Q+N vs Q ending with pawns on the board;

1.Rd8 Ka7 2.Qe6 Re6 3.Rf8 or

1.Rd8 Ka7 2.Qd4+ b6 3.Qf4! Rd8 4.Qc7+ Ka8 5.Qd8+ Kb7 6.Qf8

Which would you rather play as white?