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The "obvious" move will be to try to take the f-file away from white's king, but that would be fatal. The goal is to keep the white king away from e8 and e6, not the f-file.

1......Ke6?? 2.c6! with a decisive edge. It is important to not let white play c6 in this position. The right idea here is 1......Kc6, and now if white tries to reach e8 with the king, then black just plays 2....Kd7. Below, I outline the idea:

1...Kc6 2.Kf7 Kd7 3.c6+ Kc6 4.Ke8 Bg3 5.d7 Bc7 6.Be7 Ba5 7.Bd8 Be1

And white won't be able to block the black bishop's access to d8.

The other critical line I can see here is if, after 1.....Kc6, white tries to reach e6 via f5, but after 2.Kf5, the black king returns to d5, and this should draw.