Daily Chess Improvement: Sharp Eye Tactic!

White to move. How should white proceed? You have 30 second to solve this puzzle :)

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No. 1-25



Alena, here is the main line of the puzzle, and the probably the last key decision point before the end:
1.Qh2 Ka8
2.Qg2 Kb8
3.Qg3 Ka8
4.Qf3 Kb8
5.Qf4 Ka8
6.Be4 Ne4
7.Qe4 Kb8
8.Qf4 Ka8
9.Qf3 Kb8
10.Qg3 Ka8
11.Qg2 Kb8
12.Qh2 Ka8
13.Qh1 Kb8
14.Qb1 c1(Q)
15.fe7 Qg5
16.Qb2 a1(Q)
17.Qh2 Ka8
18.Qg2 Kb8
19.Qg3 Ka8
20.Qf3 Kb8
21.Qf4 Ka8
22.Qe4 Kb8
23.Qe5 Ka8
24.Qd5 Kb8
25.Qd6 Ka8
26.Kc7 Qaa5
27.Kc8 Qgb5
28.ed8(N) c3
29.d5 c2
30.Qc6 Qc6
31.Nc6 Qd5
32.d8(N) c1(Q)
33.Nd7 Qcc6
34.Nc6 Qe6 (FEN after 34. ....Qe6 is k1K5/3N1Ppp/p1N1q3/7p/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 1) How should white proceed after 34. ....Qe6? This is the last major part of the puzzle.


Oops, I am cutting from my notes, but using your numbering- I forgot to change the 28 to 15.


That is pretty good, Alena. 13. ...Qaa5 14.Kc8 Qgb5 28.ed8(N) c3 is the main line, and most resistant line for black. You should look it over from that point, but you do find the two underpromotions in both lines.


Yancey, I tried to solve your puzzle again. I had to use all your hints.I think it's the hardest puzzle of all you gave me.

13.Kc7 Qga5+
14.Kc8 Qb1
15.exd8=N Qbb6
16.Qc6+ Ka7
17.Qb7+ Qxb7+
18.Nxb7 Qd5
19.d8=N c3
20.Na5 c2
21.Nac6+ Ka8
22.Nd7 Qb5
23.f8=Q c1=Q
24.Qc5 Qcxc5
25.dxc5 Qb7+
26.Nxb7 g6