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I would play 1.Ra2 here without thinking about it too much. Black can create a passed pawn on the h-file, but the rook from a2 will control it while white pushes the a-pawn. Probably black's best defense will be to respond with 1......Rb1+ and then force the white rook to capture at h2 so that the black rook can get behind the a-pawn with the white king on the c-file, but white can still protect the a-pawn with the king. Maybe d5+ at some point, to drive the king to the d-file so that the a-pawn can be captured, but then white just wins with the c-pawn. It might go like this:

1.Ra2 Rb1+
2.Kc4 h3
3.gh3 gh3
4.a6 h2
5.Rh2 d5+ 6.Kd5 Ra1 7.c4 Ra6 8.Rf2 and white wins this easily.