Daily Chess Improvement: The Art of Accurate Analysis!


White to move! You need to take your time to analyze the position. Is white better, worse, or is it equal? How should white proceed? This is NOT a one - two move combination!

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Qc3 or Qd2 looking at Qe1 allowing white to consolidate


White has a piece for two pawns, a better queenside, but a bishop with nothing much to do, and an exposed king and the threat of Nf2+ to deal with. I would try 1. Ng1, trying to resolve the kingside situation ASAP, even at the cost of a bit of material.

  1. Ng1 Nf2+ 2. Rxf2 Qxf2 3. Rc2 Qe1 4. Qf1

White's plan is to exchange queens, then maneuver with the three pieces and rook to put enough pressure on blacks pawn structure. If that isn't successful, black will walk away with the endgame.



Materially, white has a bishop for two pawns, but those two pawns are kind of menacing given the position of the white king. The main problem white has in the starting position is the threat of Nf2+. I don't think white can really afford to try to stop Nf2 by giving up a rook with either 1.Rf1 or 1.Ng2 to put a guard on f2. For example:

1.Rf1 Nf2+
2.Rxf2 Qxf2
3.Nc1 Qe1+
4.Qf1 Qxf1+

And this looks bad to me- only black would be playing for a win since white's bishop is just horrid. White might be able to hold this, but it would require precise play.

To be honest, I am not sure what to do as white. The move that makes the most sense to me is 1.Qc3, but it is very complicated. I am not sure right now if white's king can avoid perpetual checks, or even mate.