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It is black to move. Can Black win this or is this a draw? How should black proceed?

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1...Ra2 looks like a good idea. 2. Kg1 h2+ 3. Kh1 a3 and the Rook must move - if it moves along the 6th rank then Black can play Re2 and then a2. And if it moves along the a-file, then White can eventually get the K to b2.

Now if White takes the h-pawn, Black can play Ra1, then Ka2 and get the R up to b4 to build a bridge to allow the K to support the promotion of the a-pawn. And if White checks on the b-file, the K goes to a1, then after the R returns to the a-file the K goes to b1 and it's all over after ....Ra1 and ....Kb2.

So it looks like white must move the R in response to Ra2 - but the same process will work - get the h-pawn to h2, and then the K in front of the a-pawn.


I tried to win but it's only a draw.