Daily Chess Improvement: World Champion's Endgame!


This was Wilhelm Steinitz - Emanuel Lasker game 4

Black to move! How should black proceed? Please, no one - two move solution. Write out the moves, ideas, plans for black.

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I don't have the time right now to do this ending full justice, but it appears that white's main threat is going to be the pushing of e-pawn, so black is going to have to deal with that first- so it has to be either 1....Ra7 or 1.....Ra8. I would favor 1....Ra8 here simply because white's next main threat is going to be the king march through e4, f5, f6, f7 etc. To counter this, black is going to need to close the f-file, and this can only be done from f8. So, this is my thought:

2.Ke4 Rf8!
3.Re3 Rf4+
4.Kd3 Rf8

And if whtie tries a lateral rook move at move 3...

3.Rc1 Rf4+
4.Kd3 Kxd5