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I think the right approach is 1.Nf6 forking the rook and queen- black either loses the exchange at e8, or takes the knight with the king. Playing 1....Qxf3 fails because of the zwischenzug of 2.Nxe8 with check. So....

1.Nf6 Kxf6

Here was the harder move to find


A double check that pulls the king to e5- if black doesn't take the bishop, mate follows on the next move.


I think this is better than the more obvious approach of 3.Qxe4 Kxe4 4.Re1+ that wins the rook on e8 and one of the bishops on the 8th rank- leaving white up the exchange. My main problem with 3.Qxe4 is that I couldn't quite figure out how to extricate the rook off the 8th rank after capturing at f8. However, 3.Qxf7 is just devastating and easier to win with, I think since the rook at e8 and the bishops are under the same sort of pressure, and white is threatening to win the queen with f4+ check followed by Re1+.