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I let an eight year old version of Houdini crank away at this for 10 minutes. It came up with 1. b3 d5 2. Ba3 Rd8 3. Be7 f5 4. B:d8 Nd7 (-0.13) as the main line.

Then I put in AZ0's 1. Bg5 and ran it for another 10.

1...f5 2. Qf3 Qg8 3. Be7 Rf7 4. Nd2 Kh7 (-0.52)

It then settled on 2. Qf4 in a few minutes, considering 2...h:g5 3. N:g5 the main line.

10 minutes later, it still stood firm that 2...h:g5 was best. I moved 2...Nc5 (Stockfish's move).

10 more minutes, and Houdini still liked 3. N:c5 h:g5 4. Qd6 Qg8 (+0.25) better than AZ0's 3. Be7.

Have fun with this game with your own (and probably better) engine.