How Does White Win This

This is related to the previous puzzle. How should white proceed?

R7/2P5/6K1/8/8/4q3/7k/8 w - - 0 1

No. 1-4

Black resigned 1-0 #ps : No way out! The power of Spider Web Tactic

This is Spider Web Tactic [ 1) Ra2+!! Kg3 2) c8=Q Qb6+ 3) Kf3 Qb3+ 4) Qe6 Qf3+ 5) Ke7 ~ Black resigned 0-1 ]



Well, white doesn't need the tempo to queen the pawn, Alena- he could queen it immediately on move 1. The problem with that, though, is that the new queen and the white rook are then inappropriately placed to stop the checks on the white king. That was the issue with your first attempt at the previous puzzle when you took out the h4 pawn.


The goal is to promote the c-pawn and win eventualy. White needs tempo therefore White begins with check. Taking into account that the queen will be giving checks the second move must be with winning tempo for promotion of the c-pawn.

1.Rh8+ Kg3
2.Rg8! Qe6+
3.Kg7 Qe7+
4.Kh8+ Kf3
5.c8=Q Qh4+
6.Kg7 Qg3+
7.Kf6 Qh4+
8.Ke5 Qe4+
9.Kd6 Qd4+
10.Kc7 Qf4+
11.Kb7 Qb4+
It's a winning position for white.