My brand new Scholastic Training vol. 2


Split into 30 lessons of between 15 and 20 minutes each - perfect for daily study - this is a training program designed to build competitive players the right way… without the bad habits that impede progress further down the line.

  • Creative thinking. Your experience of chess patterns will help you massively… but you also need to be able to find creative solutions. Susan helps you develop this skill by walking you through composed studies like this (diagram). With the rook en priseand facing a nasty discovered check, how does White save themselves?

  • Winning trades. A rook for a rook, a bishop for a bishop… that’s equal, right? Wrong! It usually favors one side. Susan explains how to be on the winning side of the trade every time.
  • Castling secrets. Still castling on move 5? You might have a better move. Susan explains when and where to castle and why sometimes it’s better not to castle at all!


To help you (or your students) get the most out of the course, Susan has included the following bonuses:
The complete PGN with annotations. Analyze every game, study and position on your computer (or challenge the engine to prove you know the winning method!)
35-page eBook covering the principles Susan teaches in the course (pictured).
Challenging puzzles related to the course material (with detailed answers).

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