Puzzle for Yancey Ward (difficult)


Gady Costeff, 50-Jubiley tournament 2002, first prize
White to play and win.

Happy new year everybody!

This was a challenge I asked times ago Yancey Ward to solve... but everybody can have a go on this.

Because the solution is more or less 51 moves long, and because it is the beginning of 2018, some hints.

The principal tools to solve this study a

  • Stepladder
  • Anderssen-like queen sacrifice
  • Underpromotion

It is a very romantic study full of drama, rather refreshing regarding the dry and technical positions modern composers have the habit to publish nowadays (still interesting)

Good luck!

No. 1-3

i cant play,how to play,am new



I will post my full notes on this puzzle in a few days, but for those interested, I gave this puzzle to Alena on October 2nd, and her solution is spread out over 3 threads in the following week or so after that.



I solved this puzzle a couple of weeks after you gave it to me, Cortex, but I don't remember if I actually posted it in the old thread at the time- I do remember posting the solution up to about move 17 or so in the line. I actually gave this puzzle to Alena a couple of months ago, and she eventually solved it after I gave her a few hints along the way. This is actually the most difficult puzzle I have actually solved.