TCAMA Fremont Summer Chess Camps



Founded by Fremont native Chris Torres in 2005, the TCAMA Fremont Summer Chess Camps provides the Fremont community with internationally acclaimed learning opportunities through a broad variety though provoking lessons, skill building exercises, intense competitions and fun activities. By bringing top-tier  international talent to Fremont and creating scores of homegrown stars, Chris Torres and his summer camps have helped to shape the Fremont area into one of the most renowned chess training grounds in the United States. Believing that chess advances life skills through logic, inquiry, intellect freedom, and accountability, Chris Torres’ mission is to create a better future through chess one student at a time. 

This year Chris Torres has decided to break from tradition and teach seven weeks (not just three) but limit the number of enrollees to only ten children per session. Chris feels that this model will allow him to get to know each student better and personally teach every class while keeping the tuition extremely affordable. In addition, Chris Torres has expanded the Torres Chess and Music Academy Summer Chess Camps to include programs in neighboring cities such as Newark and Pleasanton. While this means more work for Chris Torres, it also means a greater reach for his chess classes and there benefits.

Chris has also made the registration easier. Simply go to to secure your child’s spot in a chess class with Chris Torres in Fremont, Newark or Pleasanton. Every Child who registers for one week at only $150 will also receive one free private follow-up lesson with Chris to ensure continued improvement.