Dear chess fans,

If you think you know your chess, think again!

Take my chess IQ challenge and try to solve these 10 very instructive and challenging chess puzzles. Watch each video where I present a position, and try to figure out the solution. Once you do, checkout the solution video for the answer. I'm confident you'll enjoy each and every puzzle! Let's start with our first chess challenge! This is an ending puzzle, where White is up a full rook yet Black is one move away from promoting the pawn on the a-file. Yet despite all this, White has a great move that totally changes the course of the game. Watch this introductory video that explains the puzzle in more detail, then take your time to solve and only then look at the solution which follows.



Take your time, consider all the moves, even those that might seem absurd. Once you think you have the solution, checkout the answer by clicking on the video button below. You'll be amazed at the solution!

Click here to view -> SOLUTION TO PUZZLE #1

Attention Desktop and Tablet users: you can complete Susan Polgar's Chess IQ interactively clicking HERE.

These 10 challenging puzzles come from Susan Polgar's highly acclaimed video course: Polgar Chess University. The course caters to students of all levels, and regardless of location, you have an opportunity to learn chess from one of the best instructors in the game. GM Susan Polgar, former Women's World Chess Champion, created this complete course with the dream of bringing expert advice and training to chess enthusiasts around the world at a very affordable cost. Susan is one of the most famous chess coaches in the world. A former child prodigy, so check out her course for even more puzzles!

Polgar Chess University is offered in three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level contains a whopping 106 videos! Course lessons are recorded and can be viewed at any time at your convenience. Once downloaded the videos are yours to keep and can be copied onto any device you own, be it desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

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