100 days to go before Radebeul, Germany


100 days until the opening ceremony of the World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ in Germany

It is a great pleasure that 33 teams have definitively registered for the World Team Championship 50+ & 65+ - 100 days before the start of the tournament.

The event will be taking place from the 7th until the 15th of July 2018 in the beautiful city of Radebeul near Dresden and over 100 teams from all over the world are to be expected.

Two teams from Singapore hold the record for the registration encompassing the longest distance. Alongside the Singaporean players teams from Austria, Belgium and Germany have confirmed their participation in the championship.

The list of contestants is led by the team “Lasker Gesellschaft Schachstiftung GK“, made up of 4 grand masters from Germany, with an ELO average of 2519.

Further details can be found on the organizer’s website: www.schachfestival.de

We invite all players, years 50 and up, to join us in the wine metropolis of Radebeul in the summer of 2018.