16-year old phenom Alireza Firouzja defeated Carlsen 8.5-7.5



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Chess wonderkid, 16, defeats world champion

Iranian wonderkid Alireza Firouzja beat the reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen last night to scoop the $14,000 top prize in chess24’s Banter Blitz Cup.

In a tense final, broadcast live to tens of thousands of fans, 16-year-old Firouzja ended the final game by checkmating the Norwegian champ to win 8.5-7.5 overall.

Carlsen immediately paid tribute to the teenager’s performance: “Good game Alireza. I was way out of shape but he deserves full credit. I've just got to be better, but he's amazingly strong. Full credit.”

The Banter Blitz Cup is a 128-player knockout tournament in which players are required to comment live on their own matches. It is screened live on chess24.com

Firouzja said afterward he had put in an enormous amount of preparation before the Banter Blitz Cup. 

Asked how many hours he trains, the teenager revealed: “The only thing I think about all day is chess, so maybe it's all day!”

Watch the match back here from Carlsen’s perspective () or from Firouzja's perspective ().

Carlsen and Firouzja will now compete in the most prestigious online chess tournament ever, The Magnus Carlsen Invitational.

It features eight of the world’s best fighting it between April 18 and 30 for a prize fund of $250,000. Every move will be broadcast live with commentary in nine languages on chess24 from 16.00 CEST. 

Watch it here:


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