17 year old sensational performance at Italian Championship


The Italian Chess Championship ended in Cosenza, Italiana Hotel.
Organization ARCA.

Winner GM Luca Moroni, 17 years old, undefeated. He was born on 1.07.2000, he is a student.

Final standings
GM Luca Moroni 7 out of 10
IM Alessio Valsecchi and GM Andrea Stella 6.5
GM Alberto David and GM Danil Dvirny 6
GM Michele Godena 5.5
GM Sabino Brunello and IM Francesco Sonis 4.5
IM Artem Gylevych 3.5
GM Carlo Garcia-Palermo 3
IM Daniele Genocchio 2

The game Brunello-Sonis was awarded with the beautiful prize to the memory of Stefano Tatai.

There was also the Italian Women's Championship.

WGM/IM Olga Zimina won after playing tie break (2.5-1.5) against WGM Marina Brunello.

Final standings
Olga Zimina (Modena) 6 out of 7
Marina Brunello (Bergamo) 6
Alessia Santeramo (Barletta) 4
Desirèe Di Benedetto (Roma) 3.5
Elena Sedina (Como) e Tea Gueci (Palermo) 2.5
Daniela Movileanu (Roma) 2
Maria Palma (Biella) 1.5

Watch video from the awarding ceremony