2018 Karpos Chess Open


The 8th Karpos OPEN 2018 is traditional open chess tournament for any interested chess player no mater of the rating, title or category, organized by the municipality Karpos, Skopje, FYROM, in collaboration with Chess Club Gambit Asseco.

The schedule of the tournament will be from 24.03.2018 (Saturday) till 31.03.2018 (Saturday), as follows:

March 24 (Saturday) Official Opening and beginning of first round will be at 17:00.
March 25 (Sunday) 2nd round will start at 9:30 and 3rd round will start at 17:00.
March 26 (Monday) 4th round will start at 17:00.
March 27 (Tuesday) 5th round – 17:00
March 28 (Wednesday) 6th round – 17:00
March 29 (Thursday) 7th round – 17:00
March 30 (Friday) 8th round – 17:00
March 31 (Saturday) 9th round – 9:30
March 31 (Saturday) – Closing Ceremony will be half hour after the finishing of the last round.

3.Registration of players will be possible until 16:00 hours on 24st of March 2018.

  1. The Tournament will be played according to the rules of Swiss System in 9 rounds. Players will have 90
    minutes till the end of the game with 30 sec. for a move, timed from the first move.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

Around 100 players are expected. Top seeded are GM Robert Markus, GM Kiril Georgiev, GM Milos Perunovic etc…

Participants Karpos 2018 (top 30 seeds):

1 GM Markus Robert
2 GM Georgiev Kiril
3 GM Perunovic Milos
4 GM Damljanovic Branko
5 GM Zajic Milan
6 GM Blagojevic Dragisa
7 GM Kovacevic Aleksandar
8 GM Nedev Trajko
9 IM Annaberdiev Meilis
10 GM Antic Dejan
11 IM Nasuta Grzegorz
12 GM Arnaudov G. Petar
13 GM Markovic Miroslav
14 IM Radovanovic Nikola
15 IM Nguyen Piotr
16 GM Drazic Sinisa
17 GM Jacimovic Dragoljub
18 FM Nikolovski Nikola
19 FM Sai Agni Jeevitesh J
20 IM Zlatanovic Boroljub
21 IM Krishna Teja N
22 IM Danchevski Orce
23 IM Milenkovic Mladen
24 FM Dinev Dejan
25 FM Lazov Toni
26 FM Supancic Darko
27 FM Paszewski Mateusz
28 FM Andonovski Ljubisa
29 IM Zupe Miran
30 FM Yordanov Lachezar