2018 King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship


Given the strong relationship between the Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Russia, the Saudi Chess Federation accepted FIDE’s request to shift the second edition of the King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship from Riyadh, and to partner the Russian Chess Federation in hosting it in St. Petersburg, Russia, keeping the same championship title.

FIDE holds a very strong relationship with the General Sport Authority of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Chess Federation. This relationship resulted in the great success of the first edition of King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship that was held in Riyadh in December 2017. The first edition featured some of the greatest minds in chess from around the world and offered very comfortable conditions for the players.

Spreading chess around the world is an objective that the Saudi Chess Federation shares with FIDE, which strengthens their cooperation and they look forward to the success of the second edition of King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship in St. Petersburg this month.

Rules for the FIDE Open World Rapid Championship & FIDE Open World Blitz Championship.

December 25th – 31st 2018

1 Scope

1 1. Governing Body of the FIDE Open World Rapid Championship 2018 & FIDE Open World Blitz Championship 2018

(hereinafter referred to as R&B) is the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

1 2. FIDE Global Strategy Commission (hereinafter referred to as GSC) is in charge for preparing regulations, communicating with

the Organizer and the participants.

1 3. The body responsible for adopting and changing these Regulations is the FIDE Presidential Board, upon recommendation by


1 4. At any time, any circumstance or unforeseen situation not covered in these Regulations shall be referred to the FIDE President

for final decision.

2 Participation in R&B

2 1. The following players are eligible to participate in R&B:

 The players rated at least 2500 in any of the FIDE rating lists (Standard, Rapid or Blitz) from January 1st to December

1st 2018

 The reigning National Champions representing their National Federation regardless of their title or rating.

2 2. The Organizer is entitled to include additional players of his own choice but not more than ten (10).

3 Registration to R&B

Player’s entry fee is to be paid to the Organizer:

 one hundred (100) USD before December 11th 2018;

 two hundred (200) USD on December 11th 2018 or later.

4 R&B Regulations

4 1. Format & System

4 1. 1. Tournaments are played according to the rules of “the inadequate supervision” of the Rapid play Laws of Chess (FIDE

Handbook, E.I.01B Appendices, art. 1 to 4).

4 1. 2. RAPID: Swiss system, fifteen (15) rounds.

4 1. 3. BLITZ: Swiss system, twenty-one (21) rounds.

Full regulations here:

Full regulations for the FIDE Women’s World Rapid Championship & FIDE Women’s World Blitz Championship here: