2022 Chess Olympiad opens for bid


FIDE is hereby opening a bidding procedure for the 2022 Chess Olympiad and FIDE Congress in connection with a possible bid for the 2020 Women’s World Championship (knock-out, 64 players) and the 2021 FIDE World Cup (knock-out, 128 players).

  1. Bids should reach the FIDE office no later than 31 May 2018, 13:00 GMT, by email, fax or registered post, address: 9 Syggrou Ave., 11743 Athens - Greece, fax: (+30) 2109212859, email: office@fide.com

  2. Bids should guarantee that all necessary provisions mentioned in the Olympiad Regulations of the FIDE Handbook will be covered by the Organiser (including articles 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3).

Federations and Organisers who intend to respond to the bidding procedure of the 2022 Olympiad and Congress are kindly requested to note the following:

a) The wording for the required bank guarantee has to cover the following obligations of the appointed organizer:

  1. Failure to organise the Chess Olympiad due to take place in 2022.
  2. Failure to present further bank guarantees as required under the Olympiad Regulations.
  3. Failure to pay the successful bidder's fee of USD 350,000.
  4. Failure to meet obligations, financial or otherwise, as agreed in the contract between FIDE and the Organizing Committee of the Chess Olympiad 2022, especially concerning playing halls and full board hotel accommodation.

b) Inspection at the proposed venues will be made between 1 July and 15 August 2018. Each bidder will bear all travel and hotel expenses for two inspectors, in accordance with FIDE standards. The FIDE General Assembly in Batumi, October 2018 will then decide the organiser of the event. After receiving all bids, the bidders will be informed about the exact procedure of bid presentations, which will be in accordance with the previous practice in the last four years.

The successful bidder/organiser will be asked to sign a contract with FIDE, which will include all requirements according to the Olympiad Regulations and the FIDE check-list for the events.

c) If FIDE receives a bid or bids offering to organise the 2020 Women’s World Championship (knock-out, 64 players), the 2021 FIDE World Cup (knock-out, 128 players) and the 2022 Olympiad & Congress, and provided such bid(s) are in accordance with all FIDE provisions, FIDE will only consider these bids during its General Assembly in October 2018. If there are more than one satisfactory bids, bidders for the 2022 Olympiad & Congress can also be granted an option for the 2024 Olympiad & Congress upon decision of the General Assembly.