4 share Faroe Islands Chess lead after 4 rounds


​Standings after 5 rounds (top 20)

Chess Schedule

July 07th Saturday 16.30 Opening Ceremony

July 07th Saturday 17:00 1st round

July 08th Sunday 13:00 2nd round

July 09th Monday 10:00 3rd round

July 09th Monday 17:00 4th round

July 10th Tuesday 13:00 5th round

July 11th Wednesday 13:00 6th round

July 12th Thursday 13:00 7th round

July 13th Friday 13:00 8th round

July 14th Saturday 10:00 9th round

Tournament Regulations

  • 9 rounds swiss system open international chess tournament
  • Swiss chess system by Swiss Manager.
  • FIDE norms possible!
  • Rate of play : is 90 min for 40 chess moves + 15 minutes after move 40. Increment of 30 sec. for every chess move starting from move one.
  • FIDE rules apply, but article 6.6a will be enforced in following manner: Any chess player who arrives at the chessboard later than 30 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game.
  • The chess players are not allowed to offer a draw to their opponent before thirty (30) moves have been completed by both players.
  • Rule regarding mobile phones 11.3.b. : During a game, a chess player is forbidden to have a mobile phone, electronic means of communication or any device capable of suggesting chess moves on their person in the playing venue. However, such devices can be stored in a player’s bag, as long as the device is completely switched off. A player is forbidden to carry a bag holding such a device, without permission of the arbiter. If it is evident that a player has such a device on their person in the playing venue, the player shall lose the game. The opponent shall win.