89th FIDE Congress: List of Chess Delegates


FIDE is publishing the list of chess delegates as is required by the FIDE Electoral Regulations Section 5.A.1.


According to FIDE Electoral Regulations Section 5.A.2

At the latest five weeks before the opening session of the General Assembly, the President of each member chess federation shall inform the FIDE Secretariat in writing of any changes to be made to this list. If there has been no such notification by this deadline, and there is no delegate on the list that was published on the FIDE website pursuant to Section (1) above, the delegate shall be the President of the chess federation.

FIDE recommends that the following wording be used for informing the Secretariat, until 29 August (Athens time 17.00), of any change to be made to the list of delegates in accordance with this paragraph.

“I, the President of the federation of _____________________ hereby inform FIDE that the Delegate of my federation at the FIDE 2018 General Assembly in Batumi will be _____________________.

Date : _____________________

Signature: _____________________”