A chess organization we can all be proud of!


I was asked by several important people to endorse various candidates in the upcoming FIDE chess election. I do not like mudslinging. I do not like negative campaign tactic. So here is my response:

Our chess world needs a candidate with vast experience running an organization with incredible diversity (such as FIDE with around 185 nations), someone with deep understanding of how to grow FIDE, especially in the areas of chess in schools, women’s chess, esports, chess marketing and sponsorship, etc.

It is also important to have a candidate who can build coalitions, unite our chess world, and fix many current problems which plagued FIDE for years by reaching out and working with qualified individuals who can pinpoint these problems, create sound improvement plans and successfully implement them. There are many top-notch talents within our chess community who are experts in various fields, and can truly help FIDE. Let’s utilize them to make FIDE stronger and better.

It is easy to criticize, divide, attack, and insult the opposition. Many can do that but it will not help FIDE elevate into a much higher level. We need a true problem solver who recognizes the urgency to immediately fix problems and turn FIDE into a world-class self-sustained organization. It is time to bring back true professionalism and create a global image we can all be proud of.

Gens Una Sumus!
Susan Polgar