A sad way to end 2017


A sad way to end 2017

After our players worked so hard and overcame so much this year, to win the PanAm InterCollegiate Chess Championships for a record 6 straight years, before they could enjoy the fruits of their labor, we got our new year's gift from one of our rivals. Our records were publicly challenged. Our integrity, honor, accomplishments, were all being challenged by sore losers.

I will not mention names because I do not want to glorify their disgusting deeds. There are no words in the English language which could describe their action. I guess this is the price one pays for winning. Some of these people want nothing more than to see Webster University shuts down the chess program. So I guess they believe in the concept: "If you cannot beat them, cheat, play dirty and act like sore losers."

I remember when our teams won the first few Final Four Championships, there were rumblings about changing the rules not to allow a "woman" to coach a men's team. Thankfully that idea was never taken seriously as those people were mocked and humiliated. No matter how much the world has changed, some men still cannot handle the fact that some women can do a "men's job" better than them.

But I would like to thank these rivals for the "special" new year's gift. It will do nothing but motivate our players to train and fight even harder. We are used to this sort of petty jealousy and ugly attacks for our achievements. But when they start to attack and insult our students, it is personal!