I made a terrible decision!
by Paul Truong

For the last 8 years since Susan and I coached division I college chess, my job as the Chief Strategist is come up with the team lineups every single year, even as far back as when I was the Captain of the US Women's Olympiad Team which won historic team Silver medal and multiple individual Gold medals in 2004.

Being very strong in math, statistics, and data analytics, I created a very complicated system which dissect every possible match-up based on a number of different chess variables. Once I come up with my conclusion, I then pass my evaluation on to Susan to focus on the specific chess preparation. Our system has worked beautifully until now.

This is where I made terrible decision. Instead of trusting my reliable analytics which I spent hundreds of hours on this year, I allowed outside influence to sway me away from my original and correct evaluation. For someone who is completely focused and disciplined, I allowed my doubts to convince me to make modifications at the last minute which completely backfired.

My undisciplined and hasty decision cost Webster the championship. When we compete against a well coached and formidable teams like UTRGV, TTU and SLU with very strong players, I cannot allow myself to make such a silly mistake. Unfortunately, this is a hard and painful lesson to learn from.

UTRGV totally deserves to win this year's Final Four for capitalizing their opportunities. Congratulations! A well earned and well deserved victory!

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A true leader recognizes and admits their mistake. A strong leader overcomes the adversity created by the mistake and improves from the lesson. I am looking forward to Webster's next final four.